Do you need to seal your granite and marble countertops

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Welcome to InvisaBLOCK. My name is Dee and I’m here to answer the age old question of “Do you need to seal your granite and marble countertops?” The answer to that question is “YES”.

Granite and marble are both naturally porous stones. The tiny openings inherent to the stone’s surface allow liquids to penetrate, making stains not possible but probable.

InvisaBLOCK is a leader in the stone sealant industry and through years of testing we have developed a sealer that creates and invisible barrier both above and below the surface of your stone, giving you stain protection from day one.

InvisaBLOCK does not change the appearance or texture of your stone and you can be confident knowing your investment is protected through our 15 year limited replacement warranty.

InvisaBLOCK is only distributed through a network of authorized stone fabricators. For a list of authorized fabricators in your area, please email us at

When your authorized fabricator arrives with your InvisaBLOCK kit, it will contain your InvisaBLOCK sealant and specially designed applicator. It will also contain complimentary bottles of Premium daily stone cleaner, Silk stone polish and a microfiber buffing cloth to be used with Silk stone polish. We have also included for your convenience care and maintenance instructions. The warranty card should be filled out completely and mailed back to InvisaBLOCK or if you prefer you may register your warranty on our website.

Thank you for choosing InvisaBLOCK, America’s #1 choice for stone sealant.

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