Do you Need To Seal Your Granite and Marble Countertops?

Yes, Granite and Marble are naturally porous stones. The tiny openings inherent to the stones surface allow liquids to penetrate, making stains probable. InvisaBLOCK is a leader in the stone sealer industry. Through years of testing we have developed a sealer that creates an invisible barrier both above and below the surface of your stone, giving you stain protection from day one.

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Protect your investment with InvisaBLOCK™

Your home is one of your largest investments. Protect your granite and marble countertops with the best sealer available. InvisaBLOCK™ and its family of products enhance and protect the beauty of your stone countertops.

Professional Installation

InvisaBLOCK™ sealer is professionally installed through our network of authorized stone fabricators and stone restoration specialists. E-mail for an authorized representative in your area.

Revolutionary Sealer

InvisaBLOCK™ has combined time tested science with state of the art technology to create a sealant that goes beyond any sealants you have seen or heard about in the past. We are America’s #1 choice for stone sealant.

Made in the USA

InvisaBLOCK™ is proudly made in the USA and exceeds all safety regulations and is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

Our Products

InvisaBLOCK™ has a complete family of products to protect and maintain your granite and marble countertops to preserve their beauty for years to come. Please view our products.

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